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The Sealed Knot

The Sealed Knot Society was founded by a distinguished Soldier and the Country’s foremost Military Authority on the Civil Wars Brigadier Peter Young D.S.O., M.C., F.H., and a group of friends following a party in Cavalier costume held in the summer of 1968.

The idea of forming an “army” of the period was floated and quickly gained wide interest so much so that within two years the membership had topped the one thousand mark and a second, Parliamentarian, Army was formed within the Society.

Over the years the Society has performed re-enactments throughout the country, including participation in the Silver Jubilee celebrations at Windsor Castle in 1977 and has evolved into a national organisation of some considerable prestige, a fact recognised by the grant to the Society of its own Coat of Arms in 1983.

The Society is run and organised by volunteers.

Its name derives from a group which, during the Protectorate, plotted for the restoration of the Monarchy. Here the similarity ends as the present Society is NOT politically motivated and has no political ambitions whatsoever!


The most important method by which the Society achieves its aims is through the performance of Battle re-enactments at different sites throughout the Country. These are called “Musters”. They are performed wherever possible on actual Civil War Battle Fields and normally take place at weekends during the “campaigning season”, i.e. between March and October.


Details of the arrangements for the Muster will have been published in the Society Newsletter the “Orders of the Daye” and the organiser will have laid on a camp site, supply of drinking water and toilet facilities.Often there will also be additional facilities such as Beer Tents and Caterers and

there may also be camp fires and Ceilidhs arranged.


Naturally the Sealed Knot have been associated with Holly Holy Day from the outset, and the event remains the most longstanding fixture on the Society’s calendar. Many members will travel long distances to attend this popular re-enactment.

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